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DT Brand Artwork


Image Creation


Key Responsibilities

- Design
- 3D Modelling
- Motion
- Art Direction


- Cinema 4D
- Photoshop
- After effects

Project Details

As part of a DT Brand refresh I was asked to create a suite of new brand assets. DT is known as a Creative Technology agency, so it was important to reflect this not only in the image aesthetics but also in the way that the images are created. None of theses images could be made without technology and creativity. Many of the images are created using algorithms and simulations within Cinema 4D, this allows the technology to shape the form.

For example the video of coloured fractal forms was created by a placing camera inside a refractive 3D prism, the DT brand colours were placed outside the prism and the prism was rotated. The result was an image of intersection of creativity and technology created using the DNA of DT.