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Westfield. Generative Art

Westfield. Generative art.

Key Responsibilities

- Art Direction
- Design


- Cinema 4D
- Unity
- Photoshop

Project Description 

Westfield approached DT to create some ambient content for the many screens around some of their recently renovated shopping centres. The challenge in our minds was to create something that remains engaging for the full length of the placement. One year.

With that in mind we set ourselves the challenge of creative some ambient artwork that would never display the same image twice. What's more the artwork would appear differently on every screen that it was being displayed on. That's 10, 000 000 frames of artwork a year.

We achieved this by creating a procedurally generated environment that evolves over the course of a year. The colour, texture and form of the environment change to mach the season. Live weather data and time of day effects the scene, creating an ever changing ambient artwork.