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Deakin. Worldly Cam

Deakin. Worldly Cam

Key Responsibilities

- Photography
- Image manipulation
- Art Direction


- Autopano
- Photoshop

Project Details

The Deakin University social media team asked DT to come up with an activation that lead new students at O-Week to Deakin’s social channels. The result was the Worldly Cam.

The Worldly Cam uses 6 GoPro cameras attached to a special 360 hero camera rig. The 6 cameras take photos in unison creating spherical 360 footage. The individual still images are stitched together with panoramic software and distorted to create a stereographic projection, which is the technical name for the little-planet effect.

The result is a unique and highly shareable image that perfectly brings to life the ‘world of you’ ethos that Deakin stand by. The images were seeded on Deakin’s facebook page, creating positive engagement and sentiment with new students.