Hi, I'm Callan a Melbourne based strategic designer, design researcher and facilitator.

My passion is creating connection and solving problems through collaborative creativity. I use a range of participatory methods including human-centered and co-design to bring people together through shared values. 

I have worked across many industries and sectors throughout my career, but the thing that remains constant is using playfulness and creativity to help unlike-minded tackle challenges together. 

I'm also currently working on a PhD by Practice with Swinburne University about how engaging in participatory design activities might amplify social connection among young people.

Selected work


Strategic design 

Leading participatory and human-centred design projects from early design research phases, through to the realisation of a product, service or system.

Coaching and consulting

Sometimes folks just need a bit of guidance in helping them develop and approach or plan for a project or workshop. Especially on longer community focused projects, I can drop in at key moments to provide support.

Convening and facilitation

Holding space for playful collaboration and problem-solving through generative and exploratory workshops.

Keynote speaking 

You can't stop me talking about this stuff. I speak regularly at events and meetups about design, innovation and social connection.

Capability building and training

I've really enjoyed demystifying the design process through capability building. Be it on the job training or more formal guest lectures at Universities.