Humanitech with Red Cross

Collaborating with industry stakeholders to design an innovation lab that uses technology to tackle humanitarian issues.


Humanitech’s overarching goal is to use technology to address some of Australia’s biggest humanitarian challenges. One element of the program is an innovation lab. Red Cross brough us on board to help define what this program could and should look like.


Partnered with Social Ventures Victoria we ran a series of co-design workshops with industry experts and stakeholders to understand what kind of program would best support technology innovation in the humanitarian space. 

Based on stakeholder input we created a number of possible program designs and a prioritisation framework for the executive to decide on which to implement.

We were reengaged later in the program to help refine and articulate the key challenges that the lab was to focus on for its first round of funding. 


The first round of funding has gone out to three organisations to support them in realising their innovative ideas. These ideas will move from the pilot stage to scaling later this year.