Stronger Standards communication strategy

Helping the Aged Care Quality and Safety commission communicate new quality standards during a time of change and transition

Photo by Georg Arthur Pflueger on Unsplash 


The Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission faced the challenge of communicating and implementing new and Stronger Quality Standards to both providers and consumers in the aged-care sector. The goal was to ensure awareness and comprehension of the changes, fostering effective engagement and adherence to the Stronger Standards in their daily operations and experiences.


My team and I took an iterative design approach. We engaged providers and consumers, through in-depth interviews and concept testing. The diverse range of participants, spanning various roles and sectors, allowed for a comprehensive understanding of their unique challenges and preferences. Synthesising findings after each round of interviews, the team validated and refined strategies in successive stages, ultimately forming archetypes for both providers and consumers.

Understanding the diverse backgrounds, roles, and needs of providers and consumers, the Commission developed a channel strategy. This strategy outlined key communication channels and methods tailored to each audience, ensuring effective engagement. The process also involved creating archetypes to map out the behaviors, needs, and preferences of providers and consumers, guiding the Commission on how to respond to each archetype.


This project led to key outcomes that significantly enhanced the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission's approach to implementing Stronger Standards. 

Firstly, the development of archetypes proved instrumental in mapping the diverse behaviors and needs of both providers and consumers within the aged-care sector. 

The creation of a comprehensive channel strategy provided a structured framework that highlighted key communication channels, messages, goals, and a roadmap. This strategic guide not only ensured effective engagement but also offered a clear direction for communication with both providers and consumers. 

The development of communication concepts, offering a tangible guide for the Commission on how to engage with audiences in a manner that resonated with their specific needs. 

Finally, the clear articulation of insights, opportunities, and a detailed recommendations plan served as a robust foundation for supporting the successful implementation of the Stronger Standards, fostering a more cohesive and responsive aged-care experience.