You, Me and Money with RMIT

Co-design of a digital tool to raise awareness of economic abuse among young people


Economic abuse—or financial abuse—is a form of intimate partner abuse that involves a partner manipulating or controlling access to finances. Research from RMIT revealed that 15.7% of women and 7.1% of men had experienced economic abuse in their lifetimes.

Young people, who are new to both the worlds of relationships and finance are particularly susceptible to this form of abuse. Our challenge was to give young people—and the people who care about them—the tools to have better conversations about love and money.


Through design research we uncovered that young people are not comfortable diving straight into content about economic abuse. Because the concept unfamiliar to them, they feel like it won’t apply and they disengaged. They first need a hook to engage with, before introducing the idea of what is healthy in relationships and finance.

Once we knew this we worked with young people to design a solution that would introduce them to the concepts in a playful but not not patronising way.


A multi award winning site that uses the creative hook of a Money Style personality test to introduce young people to what is healthy and unhealthy when it comes to money and relationships.