Victorian Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation (VACCHO)

A human centred approach to Customer Relationship and information Management 


VACCHO is the peak body for Aboriginal health and wellbeing in Victoria. VACCHO Members support over 25,000 Aboriginal people in Victoria, and combined are the largest employers of Aboriginal people in the State.

VACCHO staff actively go out and build relationships with their community and historically, these strong relationships exist within their head and hearts. VACCHO wanted a way to help capture and manage these relationships more efficiently, freeing up their staff to do what they do best.


We knew that an out of the box solution would not fit the unique needs of of VACCHO staff, so we conducted  a series of workshops and interviews with staff to unpack the value that a customer relationship and information management solution, as well as map the types of data that would need to be captured. We translated this into a strategy for internal socialisation, as well as a data model and set of technical requirements to inform implementation.


With this data model in place, VACCHO will be able to draw on the strength of their relationships—supported by a First Nations thinking process—and move forward to a more impactful future in their work.